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Gift / Stored Value Card
Gift Cards provide the ability to keep your logo in front of the customer. This type of passive branding is an easy concept because the card looks and feels "like a regular credit card", but their need is perceived at a higher value than a paper certificate. All gift cards can be "reloaded" after the initial pre-paid amount has been spent. With annual growth in the 8% to 12% range, gift cards have had a dramatic effect on retailing over the last 5 years. Many merchants today are experiencing a 12%-18% return on unredeemed gift cards, a new and unexpected revenue channel. Offering the flexibility of a traditional paper gift certificate and the convenience of a credit card. They are easy and convenient to obtain and are perfect for all giving occasions.
Great for Anniversaries, Holidays, Brithdays or Any Occassion
Gift Card Uses
- Customer Service
- New Customer Acquisition
- Employee Incentives
- Store Returns
- Pre-Packaged Promotions
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